Maybe it’s nothing to worry about but maybe it is?
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:צו זען דעם ווידאו און אידיש

:לצפייה בסרטון בעברית

What do you do now?

You have two options:


Schedule an appointment!

Schedule an appointment at the Bishvilaych Center – Our experienced female doctors will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and explain everything that you need to know about your health and wellbeing.


Schedule an appointment at your local kupat cholim (health fund)

Schedule an appointment at your local kupat cholim (health fund) – book an appointment with your doctor and ask him/her to conduct a physical exam, make a risk assessment, and recommend a screening protocol.

Please leave your contact information here and we will send you an email with information about the recommended medical protocol for tests and physical exams at different ages and stages of a woman’s life cycle. For you!

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Because your health comes before everything else!

We are here for you. Bishvilaych.

The Bishvilaych center is a unique medical clinic dedicated to women’s health issues. We provide personalized medical services and guidance for women at all stages of a woman’s life cycle. Our professional medical staff has years of experience in a wide range of women’s health issues and is committed to guiding each woman to live her life to its fullest. 

It is a one-stop comprehensive check up.

The Bishvilaych Center offers each woman a wide range of services during one appointment. Rather than running from doctor to doctor, at Bishvilaych  you can have an annual checkup with one of Bishvilaych’s certified female doctors, including a comprehensive physical exam, gynecological exam, and breast exam focused on identifying potential risk factors, receive medical guidance for living a healthier lifestyle, as well as ongoing support, follow-up, and recommendations for additional medical testing. The service includes a dietician providing you with practical tips and guidance for healthy eating, streamlined to your personal needs.

Live differently. For you. Bishvilaych.

By coming to the Bishvilaych Center you are doing your very best to take care of yourself and your health. Schedule an appointment at Bishvilaych and do your part- get checked, take care of yourself, invest in your health, and solve medical issues, before they become serious.  A simple check up at the right time can save your life.

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